Reimbursement forms

If you attended the virtual regional conference, please fill out the reimbursement form found at the National section of this email. The reimbursement forms are due April 4th.

We would love your feedback!

We want your feedback! Please fill out this survey to give us feedback on how we are doing after events and GBMs. You can remain anonymous. We thank you so much for attending our events and appreciate your thoughts to improve our chapter. Thank you!

Hydrate your Kidneys!

Maintaining hydration is essential for kidney health, but many people do not consume enough fluids each day! Drinking sufficient amounts of fluids on a daily basis has several benefits, and may help keep kidney complications at bay. In honor of national kidney month and national nutrition month, SNPhA is raising awareness of the importance of water and its impact on kidney health! #NationalKidneyMonth #NationalNutritionMonth #OurJourneyContinues #SNPhAPK

Congratulations to Esha and Megan!

This weekend, the National SNPhA Board hosted the 2020-2021 Regional Conference. This year, Megan Griffin and Esha Thakkar made UNC SNPhA proud by winning 2nd place out of over 40 teams in the Clinical Skills Competition! UNC SNPhA is very proud!!

HIV Law and Policy In North Carolina

The purpose of HIV law and policy is to control the transmission of HIV. People living with HIV/AIDS and their partners are protected under these laws, but these rights are often faced with stigma. Swipe to see how HIV laws have evolved in North Carolina over time.

Vote Neel Swamy for GPSF President

ESOPs very own, Neel Swamy, is running for GPSF President! He is a third year PharmD/MPH student. He previously served as 2019-2020 Director of Diversity and Inclusion and is currently the 2020-2021 Director of Student Affairs in GPSF. He hopes to drive GPSF’s strategic vision forward through four values that unite all undergrad, graduate and professional students at Carolina: Belonging, Excellence, Agency and Wellness.

His campaign website can be found here. The ballot petition can be found here.

Thank you so much for your support!

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